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Geospatial Advisory

Geospatial Advisory (2)

Our Advisory Services will assist you in increasing your business performance by using spatial technology and enhancing your organization’s skill base.

At Spatial Vision, we advise organisations on how to effectively use their information to advance decision-making and improve operational efficiency to execute lasting beneficial change. 

Katie Dick presented at Locate16 on a somewhat bleak, yet current topic.

Today, violence against women is the biggest contributor to ill health and premature death in women aged 15–44*. A subsequent result of violence can be the onset of mental illness, such as anxiety and depression.

Given up on strategic plans because no one pays them any attention?
Can’t get the decision makers to read them, let alone fund them?

Too often I see strategic plans that describe implementing lots of technology but fail to demonstrate successfully how they will benefit the organisation or customers.

Effective strategic plans lay out a vision and a common set of organisational goals (describing how to get there and measure progress along the way). If the plan is going to be successful, it needs to be accepted across an organisation: people need to understand what the plan will deliver and how it is to be achieved.

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