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2016 Queens Birthday Honours list

Over the recent Queens Birthday long weekend the annual list of Queens Birthday awards were announced by the Governor General. Based on 2016 list of award recipients, Spatial Vision has mapped these across the country so you can find your nearest award recipient.


It's worth noting that many recipients have been located either via the town or suburb they live in, the state they live in or the country they reside in (there recipients are based outside Australia).



Diving deeper into the data we can see the following patterns:


 By far the most awarded category is for community involvement. Many recipients had been volunteers for their local communities.



The most populous states of New South Wales and Victoria were well represented, however as a percentage of their population, the ACT and Tasmania were over-represented, whilst Queensland and Western Australia were under-represented.

Comparing Males v Females, males were definitely over represented with roughly two-thirds of the total awards going to males.


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Craig Molyneux


Craig Molyneux is one of Spatial Vision’s visualisation experts. He is responsible for delivering high quality print and digital visualisations for Spatial Visions varied clients. A professional cartographer with over 30 years of experience, many of his recent projects have used print and digital technology as a tool for map delivery.

Craig has extensive experience in the management of multi-disciplinary project teams and the design and production of visualisations across a broad range of areas and themes.

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