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The best solutions are often dead simple. Here at Spatial Vision, we started using GIS Cloud, an online mapping platform, just a few years ago, but we knew a winner when we saw it. Easy to get going without compromising on features. 

Turns out, Victoria’s arborists knew a great platform when they saw it too. Within months firms all across the state were using GIS Cloud to build maps of the trees on the properties they manage. At your desk or on your phone, a robust database of every tree that falls under your purview, complete with any information you care to catalog about the plant, including photos of the branch situation. Let GIS Cloud colour code the trees based on their current condition, by how long it’s been since you’ve checked up on them or simply by species. 

Useful information available at a glance, whether you’re in the office or out in the field, allowing you to make the best use of your time.

We’ve also put together a short Webinar walking you through the whole process if you’d prefer.

Setting up your database of trees couldn’t be easier. You can do it from the office, with a nice high-resolution satellite photograph provided by Google Maps. Zoom into every tree and place a marker, adding in details from your books. Or head out into the field with GIS Cloud's easy mobile app, walk over to the tree in question and let your phone’s GPS do the work for you. Set up the categories that you need, such as the tree’s species, its height, how many branches it has and what condition they’re in, how long it’s been since you’ve trimmed it back. Whatever you need. If a particular section needs some attention, snap a photo and attach that to the entry. Don’t worry if there’s no signal or you’re trying to save a bit of mobile bandwidth, GIS Cloud’s mobile app can save both your field data and the maps themselves offline, making it ideal for anyone working a bit further out.

Dead simple. Now you’ve got an extremely powerful and supremely portable tool at your disposal. Whether you’ve got someone back at the office receiving updates to the map in real time and using that data to best direct everyone out in the field, or if you’re just quickly checking in on your phone to make sure you’ve not forgotten any problem branches, GIS Cloud is there for you when you need it.

Shane Browne, a consulting arborist at McLeod Trees has been using GIS Cloud for the month and praised its ability to locate and identify specific trees for return visits, as well as broader data.

“The ability to use layers in identifying priority levels has also been very helpful, making it easy to separate groups of trees based on their priority, resulting in the ability to organise works priorities based on hazard ratings or any other attributes which have been collected. Being able to share the data with clients online is also a good feature, allowing them to locate specific trees within the field using GPS location and aerial mapping.”

While this stuff’s all pretty fundamental, GIS Cloud can get fancy if you need it. Powerful spatial anaylysis tools like heatmaps are no problem. If you tag your trees with QR codes, arborists in the field can just scan the QR code with their app and immediately start editing that exact tree. For the technically inclined, GIS Cloud is powered by Esri’s famous ArcGIS core and which means multiple data sources, powerful analysis tools and spatial expressions are all there for you if you need them. Import all the vectors you like and export your datasets out into all the formats you’d want.

Of course, we at Spatial Vision would be happy to lend you our expertise in getting set up, creating some templates and getting a workflow if you need a little more.

So why not have a poke around at http://www.giscloud.com and see if it’s right for you?

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Craig Molyneux


Craig Molyneux is one of Spatial Vision’s visualisation experts. He is responsible for delivering high quality print and digital visualisations for Spatial Visions varied clients. A professional cartographer with over 30 years of experience, many of his recent projects have used print and digital technology as a tool for map delivery.

Craig has extensive experience in the management of multi-disciplinary project teams and the design and production of visualisations across a broad range of areas and themes.

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