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Seeing the Divide

Katie Dick presented at Locate16 on a somewhat bleak, yet current topic.

Today, violence against women is the biggest contributor to ill health and premature death in women aged 15–44*. A subsequent result of violence can be the onset of mental illness, such as anxiety and depression.

Violence is preventable, and every measure must be taken to support and address the underlying issues that are contributing to it. Violence against women occurs across the whole community; however certain groups of women experience much higher rates of male violence than others.

These statistics are available freely on the internet for public use:

• But who is able to ‘see’ the difference across the state?
• Who can visualise the tables of data and see where the gaps are, or to help identify where the most support is needed from health agencies?
• Where should the government funded programs be run to sustain women’s health?

The Women’s Health Atlas was developed by Spatial Vision, in conjunction with Women’s Health Victoria to ‘see the divide’ and support regional services focus on key health indicators for women.

*Source: https://www.vichealth.vic.gov.au/our-work/preventing-violence-against-women

If you would like to view Katie's presentation, please download below attachment.


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